Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Ugly Lovely, elegance in the unconventional

I am pleased to announce that Sahar of UglyLovely will sell her millinery delights at the designer makers' sale this Saturday. 'UglyLovely's handmade creations are elegant and flattering, pushing boundaries with new shapes and styles.'

These hats and headpieces are perfectly formed with exceptional details and oh are they beauteous! Its easy to tell that this designer has superb skill and an extraordinary imagination. Expect show stopping but wearable sculptures created from exotic inspirations and fabulous combinations of traditional and new materials. As well as costume and millinery, UglyLovely can provide a complete bridal service. Each area can be fully bespoke, creating unique pieces using exclusive sources and materials.

Introducing Ting Low

Introducing jewellery designer maker Ting Low. Her elegant designs, including dainty chains and beautiful bauble earrings, will be at the Christmas Sale. The pretty handcrafted clusters in her necklaces could easily become any girl's everyday favourite. Effectively combining beautifully bright colours is definitely one of Ting's strong style points, but the simple spiral baubles below are my absolute favourite.

picture one: Autumn Honey Necklace
picture two:
Orange Swirls on Gold Earrings
picture three:
Sapphire Sprinkles Necklace

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Introducing Daley Walton of Consumer Revolt

Introducing the wonderful work of printmaker Daley Walton, who publishes high quality limited editions of 10-25 prints using hands-on traditional methods. Each design is first drawn in pen and ink, then made into screens, and hand printed by the artist. This process creates a beautiful tactile result and each series or print is truly unique. You can see him mixing up the perfect shade of red here.

Make sure to check out his fantastic series of life-size animals which includes the piglet above. Other recurring subject matter includes triptychs on the theme of animal, vegetable or mineral as well as drawings of diagrams and maps. At the Christmas Sale Daley will bring his prints as well as cards and gift wrap.

You can also buy online from his Consumer Revolt shops on etsy or folksy. Daley also designs and prints album packaging and promotional items for a few Indie record labels. Read about all of his printmaking endeavors on his blog.
picture one:
life size piglet screenprint (29cm from snout to tail)
picture two: two colour tiger lily screenprint
picture three: two colour retro robot screenprint

I Heart Zeena

We welcome Zeena Shah of Heart Zeena to the Designer Makers Sale with her lovely printed textile goods. The Lavender scented bags above are an adorable coordinated mix of the Heart Zeena aesthetic.

Her stall is not to be missed as its set like a tiny boutique with all sorts of treasures including handmade Christmas crackers, tea towels, t-shirts, knitted handwarmers, notebooks and cards. I love how her bird illustration below translates perfectly from pillow to card. Her etsy shop only opened a few months ago, but her style sense is excellent and her collection is definitely one to watch.

picture one: assorted lavander scented bags
picture two: assorted pillows
picture three: bird card / decoration

Introducing Bagatelles & Co.

I am pleased to announce that Rym of Bagatelles & Co. is selling her in gorgeous collection of fabric clutches, bags and accessories at our sale.

Mademoiselle Bagatelle is a fashion designer/pattern cutter with a longtime love for drawing, playing with fabrics and making things. She studied textile and fashion design in Paris and London. Her love for accessories and beautiful textiles shows in the Bagatelles & Co. Collection. Each product is unique and beautiful with excellent attention to detail. I just love her blog as well, which documents her creative process and inspirations along the way.

picture one: Medium Lili clutch in art nouveau 'Tana Lawn' Liberty fabric
picture two: Small 'Sweet Pillowy Gigi' purse
picture three: Medium 'Summer flowers' clutch with internal pocket in luxury jacquard

Monday, 14 December 2009

Hello we love Julia Pott

Julia Pott graduated in 2007 with a First Degree in Illustration and Animation from Kingston University. She is now working as a freelance animator from New York and London and her clients include The Decemberists, Of Montreal, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Picador, Chronicle Books, Hornet, Picasso Pictures, Passion Pictures, Etsy and Malibu Rum. She is currently in her first year of an MA in animation at the Royal College of Art in London.
We're ever so pleased to have her at the Christmas Sale. From art prints, cards and books to homewares, totebags and temporary tattoos. There is truly something special for everyone in Julia's collection. Send Christmas wishes with Julia's cosy characters in the Cards below.
Picture one: A wonderful art print of a Painted Polar Bear saying 'Hello, I Love You'.
Picture two: A great decorative pillow which reads 'You Made me a Mixtape, Now You're my Boyfriend' alongside the illustrated polar bear, wolves, birds, and ship in a mountain scene.
Picture three: Christmas Cards pack of 5

Charming Rosie

Much love for Rosie and her charming dolls. The expressions on these doll's faces are priceless! The mermaid's above are also available as a Christmas card! What a perfectly unique way to send this season's wishes.

The Sulk Fairy below is adorable too! And as Rosie says 'Oh dear! Somebody's been left on the tree too long in her stupid leotard!' Stop by to meet these amazing unique characters at our Chrismtas Sale.

picture one: Two Mermaids Cards
picture two: Sulk Fairy Ornament

Thursday, 10 December 2009

Cup of Sea, fun acrylic jewellery

lightening and Clouds Rings
pansy flower neclaceLeese of Cup of Sea has loved designing quirky accessories ever since she was a kid. I am very happy she will be selling at the Designer Makers Sale! Her acrylic jewellery collection expresses a real sense of fun with unique shapes, lots of colour and creativity! Many of the designs sit perfectly together like the stormy cloud and lightening shown above. In fact, a ‘mix and match’ approach is encouraged, enabling a bit of personalisation by the wearer.

Cup of Sea also has fabulous statement pieces like the octopus below.
Picture one: Rain cloud and lightening rings
Picture two: Purple pansy neclace
Picture three: Octopus ring

Ode Marie... beautiful textile crafts

I am very pleased to announce that Ode Marie will be selling her beautiful textile crafts at the Designer Makers Christmas Sale. Her ornaments combine traditional imagery with vibrant modern colour and are the perfect addition to any tree.

The brooch above is stunning in person, and her skills with needle and thread truly shine bright. Check out her blog to see the range of bags she's created especially for selling at Bust and our Designer Makers Sale. Other products to include notebooks and the pinbooks below.
picture one: Handmade Christmas decorations
picture two: Lovely, bright and detailed brooch
picture three: Charming pin books

The Owl and the Butterfly

The Owl and the Butterfly is the creative collective of card maker Mary Foley and accessories designer Pippa Shaw. All of their items are genuinely handmade in the UK.

Mary makes modern cards, amazingly cut by hand with only a craft knife and a little bit of love! She even does personalised items too.

Pippa makes knitted niceties including oyster card holders, brooches and corsages with felt, sequins and embroidered details. Presented in lovely vibrant colours on a piece of card with her adorable logo, a lil owl in a party hat. Check out her new shop 'The Owl and the Party Hat'

picture one: Mary's cards
picture two: Mary's hand cut Christmas card in detail
picture three: Pippa's adorable cupcake brooch

Our official flyer

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Saga Arpino

Saga Arpino will bring her gorgeous scarves and lovely cushions to the sale. She's coupled printed silks with soft wools, velvets and cottons to make sumptuous scarves that can be worn by both men and women to brighten the hearts of the grey and blustery city. I was amazed to learn that her selection of beautiful scarves are photographically printed! The cushions are soft and squishy with pattern created by compositions of upholstery fabrics. Saga is definitely an artisan skilled in many techniques and the details in her products are impeccable.

Shop with Saga at the Sale or on etsy and folksy.
picture one: Bright and lovely scarves for women
picture two: Dashing scarves for men
picture three: Pair of Red Cushions

Laura Laura embroidered thoughts and old items made new again

LauraLaura hand embroiders with witt and charm onto 100% wool knitwear and also creates unique accessories from old buttons and bangles. Focussing on making new from old, re-working the unwanted to create captivating clothing and accessories. Every piece is truly unique, and with the right care can be treasured for years to come. Perfect for gifting this season.

Also for Christmas Laura has the most wonderful crackers a girl could ask for! Each contains a traditional paper hat, a motto and best of all... a pair of her fabulous button earrings
picture one: vintage button earrings
picture two: Good as Gold Emboidered Knit
picture three: Laura's Christmas Crackers

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Cecily Vessey, inspired by architecture

Cecily Vessey is a London Based designer obsessively interested in Architecture. At the moment she sells Silk bound Notebooks, Silk twill Scarves, Note cards and Cotton Jersey Vest Tops. Her ranges are always expanding as she is happy to take on the challenge of drawing any building or cityscape.

Cecily says “All of my drawings come from the observation of bulidings - it is not just one architectural type that catches my eye, but the combination of the many different types in each of the individual areas of a city. As buildings are already someone elses artistic achievement I see no point in creating an imitation of anothers work. Instead I use the lines and the particular details that engage my attention to create drawings that have both a graphic sense and a wonky charm.”

I love her charming cards (below) with illustrations of Big Ben ... perfect for sending out all your best wishes this season!

Cecily will be selling at our designer makers Christmas Sale, but you can also shop her products online or visit her most Sundays at Greenwich Market.

picture one: handmade silk bound notebooks
picture two: silk scarves
picture three: big ben cards

Monday, 7 December 2009

Garudio Studiage

Garudio Studiage is the Peckham-based creative collective of Chris Ratcliffe, Hannah Ball, Anna Walsh & Laura Cave. I am sure you will love their delicious Hambags and 'awwww' over their adorable, low maintenance Flat Pets. Stop by their stall at the Designer Makers Christmas Sale for other perfect gifts including Christmas Tree shirts, Peckham T-Shirts & bags, Wildlife of London Bags & Tea Towels (below) as well as various prints & cards.

picture one: Flat Pets
picture two: Hambag
picture three: Wildlife of London tea towel

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Mr Wingate is on board

Mr Wingate is the very cool brand of mens shirts, sweats & tea towels screen printed by designer Sam Wingate. His designs are perfect for any guy. I love them, my mom loves them and we think you will too!

Mr Wingate is totally fresh in today's indie markets, with graphics inspired by work, life and experience in East London. I am particularly loving how effectively his buildings and repetitions of chairs become patterns. Be sure to also check out how his creative eye translates onto fantastic wallpaper... its perfectly memorising. You can bet, interior style junkies will be wowed in the details.

picture one: 'Barbican' sweatshirt in raised print white on navy
picture two: 'TokHotPuff' t-shirt in detail
picture three: 'CM Star' t-shirt in vibrant colours for SS10

Friday, 4 December 2009

Introducing Natasha Salkey

Fabulous designer Natasha Salkey has a keen sense of fantasy and romance and she will be selling her beautiful jewellery at our sale. Stop by to admire her passionate, inspired and truly meaningful adornments that are meant to connect with a wearer and evoke the senses. She is a delight to meet, with a friendly personality and thoughtful story behind her life and work. See more of her work online here and also via her global etsy shop Stash Jewellery.

This snowflake like necklace definitely evokes a feeling well suited to the season! Natasha has also created beautiful designs for exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London and for the Bright Side Project.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

About the Event

The Designer Makers Christmas Sale will be a showcase of
art, craft, design, and making things. The objective is not only to get
people to come and buy from some of the best designer-makers and
creators, but also to bring people together for a unique selling
opportunity in support of the designer maker community. The location
has hosted many successful Craft selling events and other reputable
weekend events. It is in close proximity to transport (Euston) and
several buzzing local communities. There is a full licensed bar on site
and we plan to have available two food sellers.

We will promote the event locally with postcards and flyers in shops,
cafes, etc as well as within listings, on local community websites,
various blogs and message boards.

Regular updates of event news and exhibitors:
On this blog
and within out Facebook group (London Designer Makers)

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