Thursday, 10 December 2009

The Owl and the Butterfly

The Owl and the Butterfly is the creative collective of card maker Mary Foley and accessories designer Pippa Shaw. All of their items are genuinely handmade in the UK.

Mary makes modern cards, amazingly cut by hand with only a craft knife and a little bit of love! She even does personalised items too.

Pippa makes knitted niceties including oyster card holders, brooches and corsages with felt, sequins and embroidered details. Presented in lovely vibrant colours on a piece of card with her adorable logo, a lil owl in a party hat. Check out her new shop 'The Owl and the Party Hat'

picture one: Mary's cards
picture two: Mary's hand cut Christmas card in detail
picture three: Pippa's adorable cupcake brooch

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