Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Introducing Daley Walton of Consumer Revolt

Introducing the wonderful work of printmaker Daley Walton, who publishes high quality limited editions of 10-25 prints using hands-on traditional methods. Each design is first drawn in pen and ink, then made into screens, and hand printed by the artist. This process creates a beautiful tactile result and each series or print is truly unique. You can see him mixing up the perfect shade of red here.

Make sure to check out his fantastic series of life-size animals which includes the piglet above. Other recurring subject matter includes triptychs on the theme of animal, vegetable or mineral as well as drawings of diagrams and maps. At the Christmas Sale Daley will bring his prints as well as cards and gift wrap.

You can also buy online from his Consumer Revolt shops on etsy or folksy. Daley also designs and prints album packaging and promotional items for a few Indie record labels. Read about all of his printmaking endeavors on his blog.
picture one:
life size piglet screenprint (29cm from snout to tail)
picture two: two colour tiger lily screenprint
picture three: two colour retro robot screenprint

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