Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Cecily Vessey, inspired by architecture

Cecily Vessey is a London Based designer obsessively interested in Architecture. At the moment she sells Silk bound Notebooks, Silk twill Scarves, Note cards and Cotton Jersey Vest Tops. Her ranges are always expanding as she is happy to take on the challenge of drawing any building or cityscape.

Cecily says “All of my drawings come from the observation of bulidings - it is not just one architectural type that catches my eye, but the combination of the many different types in each of the individual areas of a city. As buildings are already someone elses artistic achievement I see no point in creating an imitation of anothers work. Instead I use the lines and the particular details that engage my attention to create drawings that have both a graphic sense and a wonky charm.”

I love her charming cards (below) with illustrations of Big Ben ... perfect for sending out all your best wishes this season!

Cecily will be selling at our designer makers Christmas Sale, but you can also shop her products online or visit her most Sundays at Greenwich Market.

picture one: handmade silk bound notebooks
picture two: silk scarves
picture three: big ben cards

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