Sunday, 6 December 2009

Mr Wingate is on board

Mr Wingate is the very cool brand of mens shirts, sweats & tea towels screen printed by designer Sam Wingate. His designs are perfect for any guy. I love them, my mom loves them and we think you will too!

Mr Wingate is totally fresh in today's indie markets, with graphics inspired by work, life and experience in East London. I am particularly loving how effectively his buildings and repetitions of chairs become patterns. Be sure to also check out how his creative eye translates onto fantastic wallpaper... its perfectly memorising. You can bet, interior style junkies will be wowed in the details.

picture one: 'Barbican' sweatshirt in raised print white on navy
picture two: 'TokHotPuff' t-shirt in detail
picture three: 'CM Star' t-shirt in vibrant colours for SS10

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